Slow living in comfort with charm is the in suite philosophy

in suite wants to be a reference point for demanding and well-informed travellers, who search for a charming place. A heritage of historical memory that, with his forms and colours, offers an atmosphere inspired by Mediterranean’s places and cultures that left marks of their passage in Palermo.

in suite is the synthesis of a perfect balance between modern comfort and ancient historical background, full of history and traditions.

Located in a building of the late XIX century, in suite overlooks the via Roma, arterial and secular road of the Palermitan old town. A wide display window maintains continuity between inside and outside, open to cultural exchange, a connecting space that dialogues with the multifaceted identity of his city.

Three pine cones, pictured on the window display and on the wall of the Hall, welcome the guests in an atmosphere full of symbols and icons that tell the values of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Three pine cones that become synthesis and graphic expression of the in suite.
Traditionally and in different cultures, the fruit of the pine keeps in itself the symbolic meanings of vital and generating strength due to the seeds that it contains. Also borrowed from philosophy as symbol of the intellect and of the ideas’ renewal, the pinecone is a leitmotif in Sicilian bedrooms’ decorations, which gives holiness and fertility to the place where it is hosted.

in suite presents itself as a space of sacred cosiness and friendly welcome, the “suite” of the old town, not only a crossing point but the starting one to awaken the senses through the discovery of the beauties and the allure of a unique city.